Flykobi - Paperless Company Automation System

What is the Paperless Company? What Paperless Company Meaning? What are Paperless Company Benefits?

In short. think a company with there is no produce or spending any papers. So. this company have not need printer maintenance, no paper expenses, there is no paper shredding. there is no paper purchase orders frequently. 

Exceptional for legal reasons, company can't go totally paperless. In our modern company world going to totally digital systems. No more file/folder archives. so no more archivist, no more where is information/file/folder. there is no 'Who take this years reports folderr, there is no paper corruptions. there is no "We are preparing your report boss!" ... and more is no more there. 

• Customers are see this company's products/services in internet or e-catalog, not printed catalog 

• Customers are preorder company's product / services too fast and there is no mistakes. also there is company more less employee needs for this 

• Customers can get anytime and anywhere get bill's from internet, there is no only one printed bill. there is no post and post expenses, customers are dont want to ask "Can i take my bill again?" to your employees. 

• Always digital systems faster then your papers. So this company's boss will reacyh any report or info much much faster. 

• No one info will lose or corrupted. This company's customers will never complaint for "this bill was not printed well, it's cannot to read". 

• Employees will don't produce paper trash. never stop working due "paper stock is running out!" 

• Information security will improved. because there is no document anywhere. All info will go with employee system permissions. 

• There is no more printer queue. so also there is company more less printers. less printer ink and maintenance needs for this 

• Production is gain more speed. because no one waiting any documents on own table. 

• In digital systems, some regularly frequented works can done by systems. So employees will have more time for more important works 

• All data will compare and proceed more easyly and faster. 

• .. and more! 

Paperless Company Policy? 

• Employees get education for use more "effective paper use" and "no paper use" sessions. Employees will know when really needs to use the papers.

• Research law for what procedures printed papers needs is mandatory. 

• Legal reasons should be investigated which procedures should be printed on paper. 

• By default order and service reports generated a digital document (like PDF) and email or send in system. 

• Surveys can be done by emails or on systems. Not on papers. Also you can get info or compare previous results too much faster. 

• Suggests. Complaints and Requests can inform on system or company's website. You need improve your website. 

• Employees can communicate on systems. phone traffic, headache and ear disorders will decrease. Employees don't need to talk each other on out of company's system (whatsapp. social medias ...etc). It's not safe for any information. 

• Employees can work from home or whatever place want to work (home office is also grants an another option). But system security must be well secured. 

• No more wet signage anymore, every (has any sign authority) employee will have a digital sign device. All forms, e-mails. documents can be sign with these technology. All countries consider this signing method in the same quality as wet signature in law. 

• Employee's can track own workflow and own employee rights on system (vacation, permissions, educations, company events, penalties, rewards and success). They will don't disturb your human resources. 

• Meetings will recorded by systems, don't need a assistance or secretary for write all meetings notes. Also meeting objectives will can be compare in long time for success. In our modern time, meetings can made on systems and more than one location can connect same meeting people . 

• System and system enviroments needs to be secured. Portable medias, internet connection. used programs and licences needs a trace by IT. 

• For more less expenses; Don't buy software / services and products you don't need. Try to have own one. (Note: Look legal qualifications) 

• Company must have a static IP (from ISP) and own server. If company don't have IT department or not big for a server expenses. look for enough performanced server. 

• Server is have everything about company. So any environmental troubles must be precaution. (Electiric. hackers, overheat, virtual and physical maintenance ...etc) 

Paperless Company Automation System

Firms in the business world are beginning to have difficulty in ensuring the sustainability of their business as they grow and develop. The main reason for this situation is not being systematic and not benefiting enough from the IT sector. As the business grows and studies increase; It is time consuming and error prone to follow excel, word and hundreds of e-mails and draw statistics from all of these data. Instead of saving the data to the Flykobi software automation system, it is possible to carry out the works in a very practical, very fast and systematic way.

The Flykobi; It treats the software services it provides to companies as a collection of values ​​for the development of businesses. Income management, Inventory management, Personnel management, Website Management and many more of your organization and business in one program; Europe's and Turkey's fastest running programs you need in the cloud created with the latest technology, which is possible with reports that let you manage by Flykobi.

Your institution's business and its subsidiaries;


  • Revenues
  • Expenses
  • Business Turnover Targets
  • Personnel Management (shifts etc.)
  • Stock tracking
  • Website
  • Stock-request-meet
  • Installment payment tracking
  • Customer follow-ups
  • Notifications (failure tracking etc.)
  • Announcements

... with modules such as your phone, tablet, computer; you can access and track this data wherever you need it. You can also contact for device integration requests and projects.


Thanks to advanced reporting systems;


Desired statistics are provided with their general designs.

Designs can be created with customized reports for your institution.

It can be printed as a PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint presentation.

The desired summary data can be added to the main screen.


Are you receiving reports and sending e-mail at regular intervals? The system can send the report to you at full time.


Login screen specific to your institution

We have data transfer and integration services and supports.

If you want to keep the data on your systems, this service is provided separately.

Support services are provided.

If you are not on our cloud service and you are using our software institutionally, your basic management of the software is managed by your institution's IT department. Support services are provided in communication with IT units.


How Is The Security Situation? Flykobi - Automation System We keep your data at a maximum level by taking backups every 15 minutes and constantly researching system security. The place where the data is stored is definitely not open to the internet, and we always keep the backups on local and international backup servers. We care about the security of the data and comply with the terms of the confidentiality agreement. We keep important and confidential data encrypted. This is much safer than a page where your customers are infected with a virus, your computer is stolen, as a document. However, if you want to keep it on your own servers, it is ideal to contact us.
Ease of Use? Data tracking is quite easy with the Flykobi - Automation System. We provide the most practical use with user-friendly interface designs. System screens have to use the easiest mechanism for the user. The aim is to relax the user.
Do You Have Specific Time Statistics? Flykobi - Automation System can automatically send the statistics you have specified to us to the e-mails you want. The statistics can be in any time interval (for example, every hour), and can be sent in a precise hour report (at seven o'clock in the evening).
Need Integration? The world of information is very large, you are working in other companies or projects and do you need to export certain data in your system or regularly import the external data? No problem, these features will be provided upon you specify the relevant integrations during purchase. With its secure communication structure, data can be sent and received regularly.




Expenses / Cost

Stock / Warehouse Management

Installment Management

Website Broadcast/ Management

Customer Management

Supplier Management

Recommendation Request Complaints

Business-Employee Management

Business Objectives

Announcement / News

Reports / Statistics