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Paperless Company Automation System

Firms in the business world are beginning to have difficulty in ensuring the sustainability of their business as they grow and develop. The main reason for this situation is not being systematic and not benefiting enough from the IT sector. As the business grows and studies increase; It is time consuming and error prone to follow excel, word and hundreds of e-mails and draw statistics from all of these data. Instead of saving the data to the Flykobi software automation system, it is possible to carry out the works in a very practical, very fast and systematic way.

The Flykobi; It treats the software services it provides to companies as a collection of values ​​for the development of businesses. Income management, Inventory management, Personnel management, Website Management and many more of your organization and business in one program; Europe's and Turkey's fastest running programs you need in the cloud created with the latest technology, which is possible with reports that let you manage by Flykobi.

Your institution's business and its subsidiaries;


  • Revenues
  • Expenses
  • Business Turnover Targets
  • Personnel Management (shifts etc.)
  • Stock tracking
  • Website
  • Stock-request-meet
  • Installment payment tracking
  • Customer follow-ups
  • Notifications (failure tracking etc.)
  • Announcements

... with modules such as your phone, tablet, computer; you can access and track this data wherever you need it. You can also contact for device integration requests and projects.


Thanks to advanced reporting systems;


Desired statistics are provided with their general designs.

Designs can be created with customized reports for your institution.

It can be printed as a PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint presentation.

The desired summary data can be added to the main screen.


Are you receiving reports and sending e-mail at regular intervals? The system can send the report to you at full time.


Login screen specific to your institution

We have data transfer and integration services and supports.

If you want to keep the data on your systems, this service is provided separately.

Support services are provided.

If you are not on our cloud service and you are using our software institutionally, your basic management of the software is managed by your institution's IT department. Support services are provided in communication with IT units.