Codenfast - Software Automation Solutions

Codenfast - Software Automation Solutions

Fastest and Reliable Paperless Company Software Solutions

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Codenfast is an organization that works on sectoral software automation systems.

Our principles

Security and Backup; We keep a backup of your data at the maximum level by taking a backup every 15 minutes. We also keep the system security at the best level by constantly researching it. The place where the data is stored is definitely not open to the internet, and we keep the backups on local and international backup servers. We care about the security of the data and comply with the terms of the confidentiality agreement. We keep important and confidential data encrypted.

User friendly; By keeping our systems simple, you are provided to do your work in a practical and comfortable manner. The user is provided with data entry with many modules. It is important to us to simplify and to facilitate the work as much as possible by use mechanisms for prevent user error. Structural data; It is configured parametrically to facilitate statistics and usage. Thus, users can reach what they are looking for more easily.

Mobile Compatible; Thanks to our dynamic screens, you can use the system from your mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Necessary arrangements are made for the screens to be used directly for mobile compatibility. Applying current mobile trends is one of our basic working principles

Easy Management; You can generate unlimited number of businesses, personnel, users, reports and statistics. The system is very suitable for expansion and development. It is optimized for users. It grows and develops together with your company. Therefore, you will be able to get better efficiency as you continue using it.

Codenfast - Software Automation Solutions

Fastest and Reliable Paperless Company Software Solutions


Active corporate companies working with Codenfast. To many successful days together ...

Note: References that do not want to disclose their name are not listed and not sorted by any meaning or rule.

FUNNY DAY; It stepped into the gaming and entertainment industry in June 2009. exhibiting an example of sustainable growth with stable performance revealed FUNNYDAY since its inception, it has taken its place among Turkey's strong and respected brands. FUNNYDAY, which provides entertainment services to young people and children with their families with 32 stores in about 16 provinces in 5 years, is planning to reach more people as new places in the upcoming times with its rapid growth. We have been working together since 2018.

Baltalimanı Muhtarlığı; Headman of Baltalimanı, one of the most important districts of Istanbul, did not stay behind the developing and changing world, and preferred us in software solutions to help people in their neighborhood and to be more effective in the follow-up and management of their work.

SMART PLAY; SP Entertainment services was established in 1997 by Hüseyin Mutuş and his team in Istanbul, and has become a leader in its sector in a short time with its experienced staff. SP entertainment services across all of their Smart Play and Smart Express brand and their branch in Turkey under the roof serves in the framework of quality and safe service. We have been working together since 2018.